Banks/Finance Houses

The agricultural machinery finance market is one of the lowest risk sectors although it is often not exploited by asset financiers possibly due to a lack of detailed industry knowledge.

Afinagri can help close this gap and deliver the required expertise from strategy development through credit and other essential policy development to structuring and personnel selection.

  • Support in entering the agricultural machinery market
    • Measuring and benchmarking performance
    • Increasing finance penetration
    • Point of sale systems and sales training
    • Program structures
    • Design and performance measurement of sales incentives
    • Improved program marketing
    • Asset life-cycle financing and management
      • Packaging service and breakdown
      • Greater control over the secondary market
  • Interim Management
  • Competitor analysis
  • Effective use of stock and demonstrator finance
  • Acquisition/Disposals
  • Risk analysis
    • Development of Credit Policies
    • Large customer analysis and assessment
    • Residual values
  • Negotiations
    • Support with or delegation of negotiations with manufacturers


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